Fast Track Fitness is a personal training facility in Lexington, Kentucky devoted exclusively to one-on-one fitness instruction. Our professional trainers and smaller, more intimate workout facility guarantee an effective fitness experience tailored specifically to your physical needs. Whether you are trying to lose body fat or training for a sport, Fast Track Fitness has what it takes to get you to your peak physical conditioning while looking and feeling great.

Our Services

There are a few ways to start your personal training experience with Fast Track Fitness.  It is important to us that as a new costumer you feel comfortable and confident that you are making the right choice to improve your fitness with your personal instructor.


Our Trainers

Fast Track Fitness is devoted to both our personal trainers and our clients. We opened our doors in July of 2006 with a concept that revolved around highly educated trainers working in a team oriented environment. Our mission was to create a top notch work environment for a personal trainer which would, in return, develop an ideal atmosphere for clients, with the best possible trainer for their needs and the most advantages to achieving their fitness goals.


Our Facility


Fast Track Fitness provides you with expert personal trainers, fitness techniques and training schedules to guarantee an improvement in your physical conditioning. All in our clean, friendly facility providing everything you need to get on the Fast Track to achieving your fitness goals.